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What Is This Service?

We offer the practice of laser stretch mark removal to those trying to improve the appearance of their skin.

Our laser treatment will make improve the quality of your skin by removing the outer layer of the targeted region. This leads to the restructuration of the overlying skin which in most cases improve the appearance as well as the quality of the skin. The device that is used for this procedure lets out a light that encourages the reproduction of the overlying skin. This occurrence does not necessarily get rid of stretch marks; however, it greatly improves the appearance of the targeted region.

Who Will Benefit From This Service?

If applying different creams is not solving your stretch mark issues, then you need to see one of our dermatologists. Our laser treatments are extremely safe, and they are more effective than cream usage.

Stretch Mark Enhancement

What Will You Get After Your Treatment?

The treatment has some minor following effects. There could be red marks on the targeted area for a few weeks. They will go away on their own so there is nothing to worry about regarding that. You may experience mild swelling for a few days following your appointment. The pain is truly minimal, and, in most cases, no pain medications are prescribed.

Our dermatologists would treat you in 6 sessions over a six-month course and positive results should be visible after a few weeks. It is encouraging for us to inform you that your positive appearance as a result of our procedure would maintain for a number of years.

Scientific Fact Regarding the Effectiveness of This Service

According to the American Society for Dermatological Surgery, a 20 to 60% improvement is guaranteed through laser treatment for stretch marks. It is crucial to point out that in 60% of laser treatment cases in America, improvements higher than 60% have been reported.

How to Prepare for a Laser Treatment Appointment?

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. The area where treatment is focused needs to be accessible for the convenience of your physician.
  • Make sure the area of focus is free of lotion and also avoid waxing from a week before your appointment.
  • Make sure not to tan prior to your appointment. For such treatments, sun burn could cause issues.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How painful is a laser stretch mark removal?

During the procedure patients may feel a slight discomfort; however, in most cases patients carry on without stopping the process. The discomfort is minimal.

2. Will stretch marks come back after laser treatment?

Laser treatment does not fully destroy stretch marks. They tend to improve the appearance of the targeted region for a few years by reducing stretch marks. It is possible for a patient to see those stretch marks reappear after a couple of years.

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