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What is This Service?

Removing skin tags or moles is a medical procedure that can be done by a dermatologist. It is fairly a simple procedure with minimal discomfort experienced by patients during the procedure. Our physicians will recommend three methods for the removal process. These three methods are cutting, freezing, and burning.

The cutting method is carried out by a surgical scissor. Following a lidocaine injection, our physician would remove the skin tag or the mole. In most cases stitches are not needed, unless the mole has cells that go deep underneath the skin. In that case a deeper cut and then stitches are needed.

Freezing the mole or the skin tag with liquid nitrogen is another method used by doctors. For this procedure, a small amount of liquid nitrogen is applied to where the skin tag is. As a result, your skin tag would turn into a blister and then after a few days it will disappear on its own.

Skin tag Removal

Burning the skin tag or the mole is another popular method used by our doctors. Heat destroys the cells that result in the growth of moles and skin tags. Heat also prevents bleeding which makes this method less messy than the cutting option. At times our doctors recommend burning the root of the cells following the cutting method, in order to prevent the skin tag from growing back. It is important to note that this stage does not hurt because a lidocaine shot is injected prior to the start of the procedure.

Our physicians would warn you that some burning procedures may leave small scars. You may decide which method you would want to go with after considering this possibility. It is important to mention that burning the root is beneficial since it would ensure the total destruction of the mole or the skin tag. This means your skin tag would 100% not reappear.

In most cases, following the removal of your skin tag or mole we will send the removed skin to a lab for biopsy in order to make sure that what you had was just a regular skin tag/mole. Very rarely a disease could be behind the growth of such conditions. It is recommended to examine the skin tag/mole for safety.

Who Will Benefit from This Service?

Those who are irritated by the ugly sight of their skin tags or moles would greatly benefit from this service. Our procedures are risk free, painless, and quick so your convenience alongside positive results is guaranteed.

At times skin tags grow in places that would make living a normal life extremely difficult. For instance, there are cases of growth in areas near genitals which is extremely discomforting. There are cases where growth happens near an eye. This also makes people uncomfortable as it may get in the way of their vision. Those who cannot live a normal life because of their condition should definitely seek skin tag/mole removal.

Skin tag and mole remove

What Will you Get After This Service?

Following your appointment, you will have a skin tag/mole free skin. YAY! In most cases they will not grow back but in case they do, there is nothing to be worried about since the process of removing it again is as convenient as it was the first time.

The recovery process is easy. You will not be in agony, and you will not have to take medication. For the first few days you may develop itching temptations and for that it is recommended not to touch the spot. Instead, wash the spot with soap and water several times a day.

Scientific Facts Regarding the Effectiveness of Skin Tag /Mole Removal procedures

  • Skin tag/mole procedures are one of the safest known procedures in the medical field.
  • Burning the cells of a skin tag or a mole would guarantee their destruction.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment?

  1. Bring sweets or juices just in case you get lightheaded following the procedure.
  2. Make sure you wear something comfortable. Tight clothing could result in you feeling slightly lightheaded during the procedure.
  3. Depending on where your skin tag or mole is, make sure that area is accessible.
  4. Clean the skin tag/ mole area prior to your appointment.
  5. If there is a lot of hair covering the area where the skin tag or the mole is, please shorten the hair.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for a skin tag to fall off after freezing it?

It takes about 7 to 14 days for your skin tag to disappear completely.

2. Does burning skin tag or mole cells have any long-term negative effects?

No, the burning method is completely safe, and it has no negative effects health wise. The only condition that may develop is a scar where the burning took place.


Amazing place and staff! Had a wonderful experience. Will definitely be back also bought a gift card for my wife.

Aaron C.

I been visiting this place since 2019, and I never had to wait for assistance. The owner and staffs are very professional, and they really care about their customers. Thank all these people my skin looks clear and healthy again. Not to mention the facility is modern with advanced equipment and clean rooms.”

“Great price and very affordable and very friendly staff :)” By the way the owner is super cool.

Liz F.

Great experience all the way through. From setting up my appointments, to the use of auto phone calls to remind me of my appointment. Staff was beyond friendly and professional. Both appointments , I was seen on time.

Jennifer C.

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