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1. What Are Prenatal Classes

Prenatal classes are a course that contains master classes on:

  • the course of a healthy pregnancy,
  • childbirth without stress and with minimal pain and trauma,
  • effective breastfeeding,
  • fast postpartum recovery for parents.

Classes will cover physical and psychological problems.

The course is conducted online and at the clinic’s office.

2. Who Will Benefit From the Course

This service will be useful for both parents. The course consists of several classes, each of which is dedicated to a specific period of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Two separate classes will tell you:

  • How, what and in what quantity you need to prepare for a comfortable stay in the hospital in the maternity ward.
  • Effective breastfeeding techniques.

Throughout the course, parents will be able to ask questions and get expert advice from the specialists of the NewM Clinic clinic.

prenetal classes

3. What Will You Get After Prenatal Classes

  • Moms will gain knowledge on proper nutrition and physical activity during pregnancy. They will be able to prepare themselves physically and emotionally for the birthing process. They will also learn how to quickly recover from childbirth in order to concentrate on caring for the newborn.
  • Dads learn about changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy, the process of childbirth and the basics of breastfeeding. This knowledge will help them provide all the necessary help and support to the mother of their child.

4. The Facts About the Usefulness of Prenatal Classes

Medical research shows that parents who have completed prenatal classes:

  1. Take a break for a healthier lifestyle.
  2. They are sympathetic to changes in a woman’s body.
  3. Understand the importance of supporting the child’s father for the expectant mother.
  4. Much easier to go through the process of childbirth.

5. How to Prepare for the Course

Agree on a list of questions on the course of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Prepare and take with you a notepad for notes. Be sure to dress in comfortable clothes, take a bottle of water and a snack.

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Questions – Answers

Does the child’s father have to attend the course?

Definitely YES!

Should I buy the entire course and not a single master class?

Not! You can choose the master class you are interested in from the list and register for it separately.

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