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What is this service?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a special branch of physiotherapy which focuses on the well-being of the muscles located between the hip bones and the sacrum. This practice intends to support the pelvic organs including the colon, uterus, and bladder. When you call us to book a session, our staff will send you a file that has a number of questions regarding your medical history.

Prior to coming to your appointment, it is crucial for you to answer every question. This would help the physiotherapist learn more about your condition. After a minor examination, our physiotherapist would propose to you the most suitable treatment approach that is in accordance with your condition.

Through that tailored treatment plan, the physiotherapist will manipulate your pelvic floor muscles to restore their strength and function. An areal example of this treatment is the stretching of your contracted muscles in order to relieve pain associated with tightening and cramping.

pelvic floor physiotherapy

Who will benefit from this service?

You will benefit tremendously from this service if you have any type of pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor dysfunctions often come in the forms of muscle tightness or muscle weakness. A tight pelvic floor condition has the potential to lead to urinary frequency. This condition can also result in painful bowel movements. If you are dealing with tight pelvic muscles, your sex life will also be impacted. You will experience pain during penetration, and you will also have difficulties reaching orgasms.

In the case of men, having such a dysfunction would lead to painful erections and premature ejaculation. Pelvic floor physiotherapy does wonders when it comes to properly treating pelvic tightness. On the other hand, weak pelvic floor muscles can cause stress incontinence. This is when an individual loses control over his urination and bowel movement functions. This treatment operates similar to a workout, meaning that it would strengthen up your pelvic muscles.

  • Pregnant women will benefit greatly from this service. Pregnancy causes lower back pains as well as pains in the pelvic sections. Pelvic floor physiotherapy tends to effectively address pain associated with pregnancy.
  • People with dyspareunia will also find this procedure very helpful. Experiencing muscle pain in the pelvic sections is something not that uncommon and one way to deal with it is through this treatment.
  • People with vestibulodynia will benefit from this treatment tremendously. Pain in the areas of vagina is at times associated with pelvic muscle dysfunction and this type of physiotherapy will address those pains.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a recommended method of treatment with those dealing with chronic pelvic pain. This treatment would not fully get rid of the issue as more extensive treatment campaigns are needed; however, pelvic floor physiotherapy can be used as a mean to reduce discomfort for patients with chronic pelvic pain.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy does wonders for those dealing with hip discomfort. Hip pains are a nagging issue, and our physiotherapists know exactly the appropriate way to manipulate your hip section in order to free you of your pain.

This treatment is also encouraged for postpartum care. Following pregnancy, muscles face a lot of tensions, and this type of physiotherapy will make recovery for mothers much easier.

What will you get after this service?

There will not be any swelling or red spots following this treatment. Our physiotherapists will give you a detailed note on some of the other exercises that you can do in order to boost the functions of your pelvic muscles.

In general, our physiotherapists would encourage you to take between 6 to 12 sessions depending on your condition. Following each session, you will notice change. For instance, many of our patients with lower back pain have reported to us that only after their second session they were feeling much better physically.

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Scientific fact regarding the effectiveness of pelvic floor physiotherapy

According to a study conducted by the Physical Therapy Journal, out of their 200 subjected patients, 133 of them showed significant pelvic muscle improvements following 3 sessions of Pelvic floor physiotherapy.

How to Prepare for a pelvic floor physiotherapy?

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. It is crucial for the area of treatment to be accessible to our physiotherapists. Also, your comfort during the procedure is a must!
  2. Please avoid eating a heavy meal prior to the treatment. It is important for your stomach to be empty in order for the treatment to be effective.
  3. Drink a lot of water before coming to your appointment. A hydrated body would respond better to pelvic floor physiotherapy.
  4. Make sure your private parts and your groin section are cleaned before showing up to your appointment.

As mentioned, please bring your completed medical history form with you. Make sure all the questions are answered. Cover topics such as all the medicines that you take, what types if surgery you have had, and what are some of the objectives you hope to achieve.

It is very crucial for you to share all your concerns with the physiotherapist. Create a list of your questions prior to the appointment and make sure to bring the list with you.

Feel free to bring your partner with you. We have had marvelous experiences when the significant other of our patient is present during the treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Does OHIP cover pelvic floor physiotherapy?

No, OHIP does not cover this treatment. You can check with your workplace insurance because there are employment insurances that cover treatments such as pelvic floor physical therapy.

2. How many pelvic floor physical therapy sessions am I going to need?

You are going to need between 6 to 12 sessions of pelvic floor physiotherapy before seeing the full extent of your results.

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