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What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen is the gas that runs human life. It is no secret that we all need enough of it to function properly. Unfortunately, some people who cannot get enough oxygen naturally due to having breathing disorders. For such cases, oxygen therapy is encouraged. This treatment leads to improved energy levels, as well as sleep. The overall quality of life greatly increases with this treatment. In most cases, oxygen therapy is administrated from two tubes that are connected to an oxygen capsule. The oxygen capsule would pump the level of oxygen needed by a patient into his system through the nose area.

Who Will Benefit from Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is good for people with low oxygen levels. If you constantly feel short of breath, then you need to contact your family doctor because you may be applicable for this treatment. This therapy is highly recommended to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. People with this disease deal with damaged air sacs in their lungs and oxygen therapy is used to boost the performance of the lungs.

Oxygen therapy does wonders for those who have severe asthma attacks. With this treatment, the chances of getting bad asthma episodes reduce significantly. This therapy is highly effective against pneumonia cases. When infections occupy the lung area, it gets really difficult to breath. Oxygen therapy would provide the oxygen needed by the patient until the virus is treated.

What Will You Get After an Oxygen Therapy Session?

You may need more than one session to receive all the benefits that this therapy has to offer. You will see results immediately after your treatment. Improved sleep quality, as well as energy levels, are two common results associated with this treatment. For those people who find it difficult to breathe, will see that their struggles are minimal unlike before.

Following your session, you may feel tired and hungry. This feeling will go away by the next day.

How Effective is Oxygen Therapy in Preventing More Serious Issues?

Several recent randomized controlled trials carried out by the American Medical Association have shown that oxygen therapy is directly responsible for fewer visits to ICU by people with breathing disorders.

How to Prepare for an Oxygen Therapy Appointment?

  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes. It is important to feel at ease while receiving the treatment.
  • It is crucial to get enough sleep the night before your appointment.
  • Avoid drinking large amounts of fluids for at least four hours prior to your session.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use oxygen therapy if I am pregnant?

It is recommended not to receive oxygen therapy if you are pregnant.

2. Can exposure to a higher level of oxygen cause complication?

Being exposed to a high dose can cause complications; however, our experts at NewM Clinic fully know how to administrate oxygen accordingly.

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