What is an Osteopath

An osteopath is a licensed physician who focuses on the health of joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons via non-invasive manual therapy. An osteopath tends to deal with issues such as sports injuries, muscle spasms, ankle sprains and achilles tendonitis. The objectives of these physicians include reducing muscle pain, increasing physician mobility, and improving
blood circulation.

NewM Clinic’s Osteopathy Services

Our physicians are experts when it comes to providing osteopathy services to women during their perinatal period. They are also rigorously trained to work on your babies. Osteopathy has been extremely effective in dealing with negative symptoms displayed by newborns. We also perform regular osteopathy for those who want to see their soul enlightened!


Who will benefit from Osteopathy?

  • Pregnant women will benefit tremendously from osteopathy. Pregnancy changes the entire biodynamics of mothers. Other than belly expansion, pregnancy affects muscles, ligaments, hormones, the cardiovascular system, digestive tract, the lower back area, the leg area and so on and so forth. An osteopath could help you to restore the mobility of all the mentioned structures to a certain degree during, and to the fullest extent after the pregnancy. The techniques delivered work and are gentle. You could be sure that they do not affect the well-being of your baby. These techniques would help you have a much smoother pregnancy period. They will also help you prepare for a problem-free delivery to a great extent. Following your delivery, osteopathy will transform your exhausted muscles into the state that they were prior to your pregnancy.
  • Newborn babies would also benefit greatly from osteotherapy sessions. Our physicians target the bones of the cranium in order to give your baby the boost that he needs. The brain governs the entire body and changes in that section of the body influence the functioning of the entire body. Babies go through tremendous changes in short periods of time and our physicians, through their massaging of the cranium section, would create a balance which would help those changes to occur in a prepared setting. This would lead to improvements in all the sections of your baby’s body.
  • Another reason why osteopathy is beneficial for babies is because it could treat their injuries from parturition. Babies tend to have extensions through their necks as they come out. This is one of the most common effects of delivery and osteopathy could be an effective method of treatment. This service would help relieve that tension and prevent further neck injuries for your baby.
  • What is more crucial is that osteopathy could solve feeding issues. The nerves that affect feeding are located in between the sections that connect the neck with the head area. This section for newborns is extremely soft and they often can be stressed during birth. As a result, your baby could develop issues when it comes to swallowing. Osteopathy could relieve the stress from that soft section and ensure better feedings for your baby.
  • Osteopathy is a very popular treatment method for people dealing with lower back issues. The reason behind this popularity is the effectiveness that comes with the treatment. This option in a lot of cases reduces pain and stress without having to turn to surgical options.


Some of the other conditions that would benefit from osteopathy are:

  • Neck pain
  • Respiratory issues
  • Intestinal pain
  • Shoulder cramps and shoulder cracks
  • Overload of elbow tendons
  • Sciatica

What Will You Get After Osteopathy?

  1. For your baby, the results would show a few days after the session ( it is important to remember that a number of sessions may be needed for your baby)
  2. Your baby will be tired for a few days. His fussing may increase for sometime after the operation; however, both of the mentioned effects will go away after a short period of time.
  3. Pregnant women would deal with less cramps during their pregnancy as a result of osteopathy, and they will also have an easier time during the delivery period since osteopathy will ensure the baby is positioned how he should be positioned in the womb.
  4. Osteopathy for mothers following delivery would lead to an increase in muscle discomfort for a short period of time; however, the final result would be a return to a full muscle pain-free functioning body.
  5. For other patients, results would usually be visible after a couple of days; however, similar to the condition of mothers, there may be a healing crisis which would mean dealing with additional discomfort prior to seeing positive outcomes.

Scientific Facts Regarding Osteopathy

  1. Osteopathy can help enormously with your sleep cycles in addition to muscle issues.
  2. Osteopathy is one of the top alternative treatments according to most medical journals.
  3. There have been successful studies in proving that osteopathy helps boost the immune system and prevent many diseases from developing.
  4. The treatments are low-impact.

How to Prepare for Your Osteopathy session?

  • If the appointment is for your baby, make sure to bring his entertainment equipment in order to help him calm down if he starts crying during or after the session.
  • Bring a notebook in order to take notes on what your physician has to say about your treatment process.
  • Make sure to share all your concerns with your doctor before the session starts. Don’t be shy!
  • Prepare your medical documents. Your osteopath needs to know about your medical history. This is an important step considering treatment solutions may differ based on your medical history.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. If you do not want to be naked during your session, wear exercise gear like leggings. The osteopath needs to have easy access to your muscles in order to treat you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you covered by OHIP?
– Osteopath services are not covered by OHIP; however, they may be partly or fully covered by extended health insurance plans. Check your insurance plan and see if osteopathy is covered.

2. Which areas do we support with this service?

Service Areas

Toronto,   London, Hamilton, Oakville, Barrie, Burlington, Kitchener, Brampton, Etobicoke, Brantford, Waterloo, North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora

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