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What Is Infant Massage?

An infant massage is done by gently rubbing your baby’s body with your hands. These massages are generally recommended due to the health benefits they bring. The norm selected body parts are the belly area, the back, wrists, fingers, and ankles.

baby massage

Who Will Benefit From This Service?

  • Your baby will benefit tremendously from a deliberate massage due to it ensuring abdominal well-being, easing teething pains, improving sleep quality, boosting muscle development, and reducing whining. Fun Fact: American Public Health Association through one of their studies related to this subject, have come to the conclusion that similar to adults babies develop relaxed sensations after a massage. Shocking!
  • By learning the techniques of infant massaging from our experts, you as a parent would also greatly benefit. It has been proven that massaging your baby produces oxytocin in you. This hormone is universally known as the “love” hormone and who does not want to feel that everyday.

What Will You Get After Receiving this Service?

  • Your baby will sleep much better for a few days following a session.
  • You would notice that your baby is crying less than usual.
  • The relaxed sensation felt by your baby will have great health benefits.
  • Less tummy issues and teething pains.
  • Instructions on how to massage your baby properly.

Scientific Facts Regarding The Benefits of Infant Massaging

  1. Through receiving massages consistently, the levels of attentiveness of a baby would increase.
  2. Helps with better interaction with your baby since the most amount of eye contact occurs during this activity.
  3. An infant during massage sessions would get introduced to the senses of touch and smell extensive. This would tremendously help the biological development of the infant.

infant massage

How to Prepare for Your Baby’s Massage Session?

  1. Make sure to find a suitable environment. Calmness is the most crucial aspect here.
  2. Do use lotion! It is important to use the kind of lotion that would not result in a bad reaction from your baby.
  3. If the appointment is set at a clinic, make sure you take your baby’s towel with you.
  4. Playing soothing baby music is encouraged.
  5. Make sure not to massage your baby right after a meal. It is crucial for the massage to take place in between meals. Massaging shortly after a meal may cause discomfort for the baby.
  6. If you want to massage your baby, make sure you have access to a soft surface. The baby needs to be laid down on a comfortable surface for the massage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of oil should I use to massage my baby?

Our recommendation is vegetable oil.

2. How long should an infant massage session last?

For as long as the baby seems content and happy. Check on the mood of the infant and assess based on what is observed.

3. How often should I massage my baby?

It depends on the mood of the baby, but it is encouraged for these massages to take place everyday.

4. When can I start massaging my baby?

Slight touches are beneficial from the moment a baby is born. Increase the duration and the pressure applied every 2 months.


Very knowledgeable and professional – the baby was in good hands

Emily Lynn

Highly professional pediatric massage therapists. Clear rooms, great staff, speak many languages, including english and russian. Professional assistant is sending you SMS invite so you would not miss your next session.

Katie Salem

Even before we started, I knew my baby was in good hands with Inna. She gave my baby a thorough work out. And gave me an assessment of each body part she worked on. My baby was mostly happy and not so fussy. Recommended!

Stela Swampscott


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