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What are BOTOX® injections?

BOTOX® injections are primarily used to treat muscle spasms and to relax facial muscles resulting in a reduction of wrinkles. The toxin botulinum is injected into the patients’ muscles to block the connections between nerves and muscles. The treatment can also be used effectively for multiple other conditions. BOTOX® is the only marketed product in Canada that uses the toxin botulinum and is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Allergan Inc.

Who will benefit from BOTOX® injections?

The service can be used to benefit patients that suffer from an array of different conditions. The benefits of BOTOX® injections are found from individuals that have the following conditions or for patients that seek a change to their aesthetic appearance.

Altered Aesthetic

Most instances in which Botox injections are used are due to patients’ desire to change a certain aspect of the body. Usually regarding their facial area of the body. Patients benefit by appearing younger in age and healthier due to a reduction in the volume of wrinkles and added smoothness of their skin.

Eye Conditions

BOTOX® can be used to treat the eye conditions strabismus and blepharospasm. Strabismus, known as “cross-eyed” is associated with the misalignment of neuromuscular control which impacts the movement of the eyes. Blepharospasm is a condition in which the patients’ eyelids are forced to close or “rapid-blink”.

Excessive Sweating

Individuals who are prone to excessive sweating, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis. Can reap the benefits of BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® has been proven to diminish the output of sweat glands.

Overactive Bladder Issues

The government agency Health Canada has approved the usage of BOTOX® treatment for patients that suffer from Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity that is usually associated with MS and spinal cord injuries. An overactive bladder would be classified as the condition of having a strong/frequent need to urinate and leaking or wetting incidents. Despite the effectiveness of this method, it is typically used on patients when all other treatments are not effective.

Chronic migraines

Health Canada has also approved the usage of BOTOX® for chronic migraines. The treatment can be used for patients that suffer from migraines that occur over 15 days a month and result in the patient being debilitated. BOTOX® has been clinically proven to benefit patients that have chronic migraines.

botox before and after

What will you get after BOTOX® injections?

Depending on each patients’ personal situation, patients may receive different outcomes from their experience from BOTOX® injections. Outcomes may include an altered appearance that the patient desired before the treatment, or an outcome may result in the alleviation of pain in the targeted area. The outcomes of the procedure are subjected to each individual patient but are overwhelmingly positive. BOTOX® has a safe history. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only reported 36 serious side effects that were associated with the cosmetic usage of the drug between the period 1989-2003.

Results after the BOTOX® injections are done usually appear one to three days after the procedure. The patient will also have to undergo follow-up appointments after three months or longer to maintain the result of the treatment. This duration of the treatment usually varies on a patient-by-patient basis.

The facts about the usefulness of BOTOX® injections

BOTOX® injections are the number one non-surgical procedure conducted by medical professionals throughout the world. As of the year 2019, over 6.2 million procedures of BOTOX® injections were performed. Predominately patients are seeking an altered aesthetic appearance from BOTOX® and studies have shown that patients are generally happier after the surgery. A study conducted by the American Surgery Journal has indicated that patients are 28% happier after the procedure. Statistics from many top review sites have stated that 95% of Americans were satisfied after they received their treatment.

How to prepare for BOTOX® Injections

Patients are not required to do anything in preparation for BOTOX® injections. The appointments can be completed very quickly, usually between the 15-20 minutes range. In some instances, a patient’s doctor may require them to withstand from taking certain medication days prior to the appointment. The patient is recommended to inform their doctor if they take blood thinners, muscle relaxants, sleeping aids, or allergy medications. Patients should also inform their doctor if they have received any BOTOX® injections within the past four months.

Before the procedure, doctors may recommend numbing areas of the patient’s skin if they do not wish to feel discomfort in certain areas. This is prevalent especially when the treatment is designated for excessive sweating in the palms of the patient’s hands or soles of their feet. A number of different methods can be implemented by the doctor to reduce discomfort in the area such as topical anesthesia, ice/vibration anesthesia which is used as a massage.


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Is there an age limit for me to get BOTOX® injections?

Once an individual becomes the legal age of an adult in Canada, a patient will no longer need the consent of their parents and will be eligible to receive BOTOX® treatments at the patients’ own discretion.

Are there any side effects from taking BOTOX® injections?

Before the patients’ appointment, the doctor will thoroughly go over the potential symptoms that may occur from the treatment. The doctor will also discuss prescribed medications that will assist in subsiding the pain from the symptoms.

After the procedure patients may encounter mild symptoms that may linger for several days. Some of these symptoms include headaches, sore neck, pain, swelling, redness, drooping eyelids/eyebrows, temporarily blurred vision, dry eyes, or excessive tearing, etc.

Other rarer symptoms that have more serious side effects include muscles weakness, breathing problems, loss of bladder control, decrease in vision, or trouble speaking/swallowing. If any of these symptoms maintain hours or even weeks after the treatment it is recommended to contact your doctor immediately. Despite the severity of these symptoms the likelihood of them occurring is very unlikely and is usually from the toxin spreading throughout the body.

BOTOX® treatments are also not recommended for pregnant women or women that are currently breastfeeding. Individuals that are allergic to cow’s milk should also avoid getting BOTOX® treatments.


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