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The beautiful town of London Ontario, is full of green scenery with numerous high quality hiking trails. In order for you to enjoy your walks, you need to make sure that all is right with you. Even the slightest muscle discomfort, would jeopardize your hiking experiences. These great parks need you to be in full health!

Services Provided by NewM Clinic

We provide high quality service at a great price range for anybody in need of treatment due to muscle discomforts. Our experts would assess your situation, and then recommend a treatment to you. By manipulating all the right spots, you will feel free of pain and ready to fully experience the beauties of those great parks.

In addition to general osteopathy, we provide services to specific cases as well. Perinatal osteopathy is one of our cups of tea! Pregnant women will benefit tremendously from osteopathy. All the changes that come with the pregnancy would cause discomfort and the best way to approach those changes is osteopathy.

We also provide services for babies! Your cute little one would also benefit greatly from osteopathy.

Why NewM Clinic is the Best Solution for you?

We have a track record of delivering fantastic services with great prices. Our osteopaths are all educated and fully trained to help you reach your best physical form. Book a consultation session with us and let us help you make the best out of your hiking routine.



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