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The beautiful town of Brantford is home to numerous incredible zoos! Being in those zoos is like being in a national geographic episode. It is truly breathtaking and highly recommended. What you need to know is that exploring these zoos would take at least 3 hours per location. This means, a lot of walking and a lot of standing. If you develop pain after some time of walking, perhaps you need to visit one of our osteopaths!

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a practice that focuses on the health of joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons via non-invasive manual therapy. The philosophy of this treatment is that all parts of the body should work together harmoniously. This take is the reason why the treatment of the entire body is encouraged no matter the issue of the patient. This means that if your knee is in agony, the focus would be to heal the entire body in addition to the spot where the issue is stemming from, in an effort to eliminate the root of the cause of the agony. This practice is against medication and surgery which would fit your naturally driven lifestyle as well. An osteopath who is the person doing the treatment tends to deal with issues such as sports injuries, muscle spasms, ankle sprains, and achilleas tendonitis. The objectives of these physicians include reducing muscle pain, increasing physician mobility, and improving blood circulation.

Why is NewM Clinic the Best Solution for You?

We have a track record of delivering fantastic services with great prices. Our osteopaths are all educated and fully trained to help you reach your best physical form.
All our practices are manual without the usage of equipment and X-Rays. The natural way of our profession is something that we are proud of.



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