Lectures for pregnant women of the NewM Perinatal and Family Clinic are held both at the clinic in Newmarket and online. The lectures are developed by the clinic’s specialists. Our course consists of 6 lectures. Below you can see the list of lectures:

Doctor Alena Kuzmina: phases of labor.

First phase of labor:

  • what happens to the cervix during the first phase of labour
  • what are false contractions
  • signs of approaching labour and how to know when to go to the hospital
  • how to cope during early stage of labour
  • what is amniotic fluid and how to understand when your water breaks
  • partner’s role and support during the second phase of labor.

Second phase of labor:

  • what is the active phase of labor
  • pain and how to deal with it
  • possible complications in the second phase of labour
  • how to breathe and push during labour
  • what is the placenta, how it separates from the uterus
  • partner’s role and support during the second phase of labor.

Third phase of labor:

  • newborn complications after birth
  • mothers complications in the early postpartum period
  • what happens in the first 24 hours after giving birth
  • how soon can you be discharged from the hospital after birth.
  • postpartum discharge instructions.

Оnline and at the Clinic.

What to prepare:

  • bag to the hospital for mom and baby
  • how to prepare a room for the newborn

Neonatal period:

  • physiological characteristics of the newborn
  • adaptation after birth
  • medical conditions in early neonatal period
  • baby care and hygiene.

Recommended items

Prepared by Rita Demb.

Online and at the Clinic.

What expectant mothers need to know about breastfeeding:

  • physiology and value of breast milk
  • breast milk composition
  • breastfeeding problems: how to latch baby properly, how to pump breast milk correctly, how to cope with engorgement
  • specific conditions: low or excessive milk production, lactostasis, mastitis, etc.

Prepared by Inna Aslanyan.

Online and at the Clinic.

Nutrition for pregnant and lactation mothers:

  • proper nutrition for pregnant women
  • essential vitamins and minerals for the harmonious development of the fetus
  • formation of a healthy microbiome of the mother and the fetus
  • nutritional needs for mothers while breastfeeding.

Prepared by Inna Aslanyan.

Online and at the Clinic.

Introductory Lecture on Massage of Newborns:

  • the importance of massage for newborns and its benefits
  • the basic elements of massage.

Prepared by Inna Aslanyan reports.

Online and at the Clinic.