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NewM Clinic Grand Opening!

We are Open Now!

Thank you to all guests, sponsors and specialists who came to celebrate with us Grand Opening of New M Clinic! Mayor Mr. John Taylor joined us to cut the ribbon. Everyone enjoyed light refreshments, drinks, tours, demonstrations and got a small gift. Our specialists shared their experience and demonstrated some treatments such as Oxygen Helmet (tent), Oxygenated Cocktails, Liquid Collagen, maternity vitamins, Vela-Shape Machine and others. We also discussed different topics such as labour, breastfeeding, infant massage, IV infusions and other new services we have in our clinic. We prepared a video about NewM clinic for guests, we also had a raffle with great prizes such as free treatments, free TV packages, a set of jewelry and much more. Those who brought their children, had a chance to socialize as kids were entertained with face painting and lots of fun games. Thank you Colour Inspired for face painting and Alona Pozin for kids entertainment.
We are thankful to all of our patients and friends who supported us.

Newmarket, Ontario mayor

Big thank to our sponsors:
Alla Hamidova
Alcalde & Tomory Chartered Accountants, LLP
Газета «Канадский курьер», Люба Чёрная
Irina Yugay
Gala Grill
Vegan Delightful Treats

Thank you Inna Demb for pictures, Iryna Rybnikova for a pineapple!

Thank you Ms. Sylvie Lessard (Snaped journalist) for coming!

Check out our clinic located in Newmarket at 21 Charles Street!

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(Basement floor, side entrance) Tel: +1 (289) 338-6870

newborn baby and a toddler News

Infant Massage!

For centuries, mothers from different cultures knew that with motherly touch they can calm their child down, reduce any discomfort in his body and eliminate pain. Recent studies have shown that physical touch for a child is vital. It can improve an emotional status, physical development of the child, helps gain weight in premature babies, relieves stress and colics, helps to normalize body temperature and blood sugar, and much more. Nowadays mothers practice things such as skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo care.

We want to introduce you massages created specifically for newborns, older children, and children with different individual conditions. These massages based on principles proposed by the International Association of Infant Massage. In 5 sessions, we will teach you different massage techniques, discuss the physiology of babies, and explain how to recognize the language of a newborn child.

Inna Aslanian
NewM Clinic Specialist

newM_clinic News

Preventative Botox

More and more young people are getting wrinkle reducing injections these days. The rising trend today is considered an effective measure to prevent wrinkles forming in the future. What do we need to know?

Neuromodulators work by blocking the signals from the nerves responsible for muscles contraction. The injected muscle relaxes, and this makes the wrinkles to soften. This makes Neuromodulator injections ideal for crow’s feet, wrinkles between the brows and horizontal lines across the forehead. It works similar to training body muscles in a gym. If you stop working out your muscles are weakening. By inhibiting the movement of mimic muscles — and ‘training’ the face to avoid using them — Neuromodulators can be a useful tool for preventing these wrinkles from forming in the future starting from a young age. Slowing down the use of these muscles early could prevent the deep lines from developing over time.

The manufacturer says that this type of injections can be done starting from 18 years old but we have to remember that everyone is different and forming wrinkles depends on many different factors. In general, most people could begin to benefit from it by our mid 30’s. Individual consultation of professional expert is necessary before any injectable treatment.

The body slowly metabolizes the product, meaning its effects gradually wear off over the course of three to four months. A recommended injection regimen of three times a year will better maintain the results of the treatment and benefit wrinkle prevention.

Olga Mishchenko, NewM Clinic Specialist


What We Should Know About Postpartum Hair Loss

During pregnancy, women experience a hormonal change, which affects the whole body, including the hair follicle, and increases hair growth. After pregnancy, once the hormones restore to normal, a drop in estrogen promotes shedding, which is normal.

Postpartum hair loss commonly starts at around three months after birth and lasts about 3 months on average. This is a temporary process and it is unlikely that hair thickness will change from extra-thick to excessively thin. However, everyone’s hormonal shift will manifest itself differently. Also, excessive hair loss can be caused by other postpartum conditions. Most women will return to their usual hair growth cycle within six months.

Sometimes, restoration time lasts longer and resting follicles can diminish and loose their function, which affects hair re-growth. It is important to keep hair follicles alive during that time. Experts weigh in on what can happen to a new mother’s hair after giving birth because it is frustrating.

One natural and groundbreaking method of reversing hair loss/thinning is Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP). This treatment uses your own blood cells to stimulate tissue regeneration, cell growth and collagen production and has been clinically proven to treat different types of hair loss or follicle restoration after having a baby.

If you feel that your hair loss is greater than the norm, or if things are not back to normal by the time your baby is 12 months old, consult a professional.

Therapy (PRP) treatment uses your own blood cells to stimulate tissue regeneration, cell growth and collagen production and has been clinically proven to treat different types of hair loss or follicle restoration after having a baby.

If you feel that your hair loss is greater than the norm, or if things are not back to normal by the time your baby is 12 months old, consult a professional.

Olga Mishchenko
NewM Clinic Specialist

Mother and a baby. NewM Clinic

Visceral-Osteopathy-hands News

Visceral Osteopathy

Dear visitors, the time has come to tell you about visceral osteopathy. Visceral – means ‘the inside’ in Latin. It is the treatment of internal organs. It seems that osteopathy and talking about internal organs seem to be off-topic, however, the internal organs are attached to the spine with a special tissue called ‘fascia’. It is possible to act on the organs of our body through the spine, adjusting the tension of the fascia or directly through representational areas of the organs. All organs have representative zones where you can apply directly, but slight pressure to that area to locate certain organs.

In the 19th century, two neurologists, Russian-born [first name] Zakharyin and German-born [first name] Ged, discovered these zones. This is very similar to a “screen touch” computer. Touching the computer screen in the right place, we enter information that affects the whole picture. Only in the case of osteopathic treatment, the effect is exerted on the zones representing the organs with special osteopathic techniques, like the soft pressures and techniques that improve blood circulation to the organ that massage therapists are working on at the moment. Visceral osteopathy, as a method of treating internal organs, has existed for over 100 years. Great experience has been accumulated in effective techniques and clinical observations proving the viability of this method. In my practice, I actively apply this techniques. I do not want to overwhelm you with the intricacies of the neuro-visceral connection. If you have any questions, I will answer from the point of view of neurology and osteopathy.

Vadim Gorlik
NewM Clinic Specialist