Inna Aslanyan helps with breastfeeding concerns: latching problems, low milk supply, prevention and care of nipple injuries due to breastfeeding, flat nipples, lactostasis, mastitis, excess milk production, as well as insufficient baby weight gain, tongue tie, etc.

Online and at the Clinic.


Inna Aslanyan works with nutritional problems. She advises on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, makes meal plans for a healthy pregnancy and weight loss in the postpartum period. Inna consults on a balanced diet for children and adults with various medical conditions, for example: gestational diabetes, allergy exacerbation, gastrointestinal issues etc.

Online and at the Clinic.


Neonatal and children’s massage helps with: developmental disorders or diseases of the musculoskeletal system (flat feet, flat-valgus feet, clubfoot and torticollis, postural disorder, joint instability, hyperreflexia, low muscle tone, inability to hold head up, inability to rollover, croll, sit up or learn to walk); respiratory diseases (children often sick with viral diseases, repeated bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma); circulatory system (vegetative-vascular dystonia); diseases of the digestive system (colic, constipation, biliary dyskinesia). Particular attention is paid to massage for diseases of the nervous system (fasiness, sleeping issues, cerebral palsy), etc.

The massage is performed by Inna Aslanyan.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage for pregnant women improves the psycho-emotional state, relieves fatigue, mental stress and helps to get rid of insomnia. Massage of the thoracic spine and cervical-collar zone of pregnant women helps to relieve tension in the upper spine, in the neck and between the shoulder blades, relieve pain and fatigue. A head and neck massage relieves headaches, increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, relieves tension in the muscles of the neck and upper spine, and normalizes blood pressure. Hand and foot massage during pregnancy is effective in relieving swelling, pain and fatigue. It is a prevention of varicose veins, as well as cramps in the calf muscles.

RMT – Natalia Melnichenko.

RMT – Valentina Ponomareva.

Pelvic floor muscle physiotherapy

Dr. Alena Kuzmina provides consultations and practical exercises for the maintenance and recovery of the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. She helps with urinary incontinence, discomfort during sex and vaginal prolapse.


Dmitry Zaslavsky provides a comprehensive examination of the venous system during childbirth and the postpartum period as well as examination of varicose veins and their treatment with vascular injections.

IV infusions during pregnancy

Olga Mishchenko, a licensed nurse who specialises in intravenous infusions of vitamins, minerals and Myers cocktail.
Most commonly it is used for: severe nausea and vomiting, food aversion, weight loss of 5% or more from pre-pregnancy weight, decreased urination, dehydration, headaches, jaundice, extreme fatigue / fainting, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, anxiety, and depression, allergic reactions.

We do home visits.

Oxygen therapy: oxygen inhalations and oxygenated cocktails

Olga Mishchenko is a licensed nurse who specializes in oxygen therapy. Oxygen inhalation is used for women in the prenatal and postpartum period. It helps to maintain good health, strengthen the immune system and increase metabolism, also it helps fight allergic reactions.