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The beautiful city of Toronto! Full of life and delicious food. The diversity of food here is truly incredible as you can taste a fraction of every nation. When you have such delicious options, you may easily get carried away and add unwanted pounds! With your overwhelming work hours extensive exercise may not be possible due to limited time, but there is a safe way for you to lose weight. Our body contouring treatment, which is a non-invasive practice, will help you reach your ideal physical shape. Are you worried about side-effects? Don’t be! According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, about 170,000 body countering procedures were performed in the US and the reported side-effects are all mild with no serious injuries.

Services Provided by NewM Clinic

We do body contouring which is mostly a non-invasive practice used to burn fat cells. We use an electrical device that sends ultrasound and radiofrequency to the targeted fat cells to dissolve those cells.

We also have an osteopath who would do additional manipulation of the targeted area in order for patients to have an easier recovery period. It has been proven that osteopathy alongside body contouring brings more positive outcomes when it comes to the dissolution of fat cells.

With our non-surgical treatment, you can expect to lose between 10 to 40% of the fat cells in the targeted region.

Why NewM Clinic is the best solution for you?

We pride ourselves over the quality of our services. Our doctors are top notch! If you don’t believe us, ask around! Let us be the key to your ideal physical appearance.

You can check us out at NewM Clinic.

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Body Contouring in Toronto