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The beautiful town of Kitchener! One of the most underrated towns in Ontario when it comes to having quality night life. The low-key bars in this town are truly community diamonds. We have for you a beautiful service called body contouring. Are you tired of having to deal with your stretch marks? You won’t have to deal with them no longer! Body contouring is one of the safest and most effective procedures when it comes to losing weight and stretch marks. At NewM Clinic, we use an electrical device that sends ultrasound and radiofrequency to target fat cells in order to cause their dissolution.

Who Will Benefit from This Service?

People with stretch marks tend to benefit tremendously from this treatment as body contouring tightens the skin, resulting in the skin to look way smoother than before.

People with weight concerns will also benefit from this treatment. Body contouring targets fat cells resulting in them slowly going away.

Why Choose NewM Clinic?

Most of our treatment are non-invasive. We greatly value natural treatment, and you should too!

We think the right treatment should come from within and not outside forces. That is why we rarely recommend medication. Our team of experts will help you reach your best physical form without relying on harmful invasive treatments.

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Body Contouring in Kitchener