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The beautiful town of Burlington, full of green scenery alongside numerous high quality hiking trails. This town is heaven on earth for those trying to lose weight as these quality trails call for your presence on daily basis. The catch is that we all have busy work schedules so we may not be able to hit all our weight target. One proper practice to consider alongside a thorough exercise routine is body contouring! The medical practice of body contouring is one of the safest and most effective practices out there when it comes to losing weight. The electrical device that we use in the procedure sends ultrasound and radiofrequency to target fat cells and cause their destruction. With a non-surgical treatment session, you can expect to lose between 10 to 40% of the fat cells in the targeted region.

Who Will Benefit from this Service?

People with heavy weight issues will benefit tremendously from this treatment. Pockets of fat are really difficult to combat even with a proper diet and regular exercise. Body Contouring targets the fat cells resulting in them slowly going away.

People cellulite will also benefit from this treatment to a great extent. Body contouring tightens the skin, resulting in the skin to look way smoother than before.

Why NewM Clinic is the Best Solution for You?

We pride ourselves over the quality of our services. Our doctors are top notch! If you don’t believe us, ask around! Let us be the key to your ideal physical appearance.


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Body Contouring in Burlington