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The gorgeous city of Barrie! Full of beautiful roads with incredible scenery. You can have a blessed day driving from the city to Muskoka while exploring the beautiful scenes the countryside of this region has to offer. The endless green sights in this part of the town will bring you nothing but joy and it makes you appreciate this great nature given gift. Our gift for you is a service that would re-create that beauty on your body. Our body contouring treatment is one of the safest and most effective procedures out there when it comes to losing weight. We at NewM Clinic use an electrical device that sends ultrasound and radiofrequency to target fat cells and cause their dissolution. With this procedure, you can expect to lose between 10 to 40% of the fat cells in the targeted region.

Services Provided by NewM Clinic

We offer body contouring services which is a mostly a non-invasive practice used to burn fat cells.

We also have an osteopath who would do additional manipulation of the targeted area in order for patients to have an easier recovery period. It has been proven that osteopathy alongside body contouring brings more positive outcome when it comes to the dissolution of fat cells.

What is osteopathy? This totally natural practice focuses on the health of joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons via non-invasive manual therapy. The philosophy of this treatment is that all parts of the body should work together harmoniously.

Why NewM Clinic is the best solution for you?

Most of our treatment are non-invasive. We greatly value natural treatment, and you should too! We think the right treatment should come from within and not outside forces. That is why we rarely recommend medication. Our team of experts will help you reach your best physical form without relying on harmful invasive treatments.


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Body Contouring in Barrie