Dr. Alona Kuzmina is the founder of the Perinatal and Family Care Clinic. She currently works as a Family Physician in a Newmarket office as well as an Obstetrician who provides pregnancy care and delivers newborns at the Southlake Hospital in Newmarket.

NewM Perinatal and Family Care Clinic provides services
for the whole family. Our specialists have a higher medical education and extensive work experience
in their fields of medicine.

Our clinic uses various modern methods of treatment, both traditional and alternative medicine, and our services include but are not limited to: nutrition consultation, massage, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, meditation, yoga, intravenous infusions of vitamins and minerals for various conditions, veins examination, cosmetology, oxygen inhalations, oxygen cocktails, etc.

In our clinic we give special attention to pregnant women and women with newborns. We organize special courses, lectures and programs which help them to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, labour and after childbirth care such as pregnancy massage, prenatal yoga, nutrition consultations, breastfeeding consultations, infant massage, pelvic floor muscle physiotherapy, meditation, osteopathy, intravenous vitamins and minerals infusions, oxygen inhalations and oxygen cocktails.

In addition, we have beauty services, where we use professional equipment, best methods of treatment and provide a wide variety of cosmetology procedures such as rejuvenation, non-surgical skin tightening and boldness complex treatment (PRP)
Cosmetology services

We also constantly work on adding new services, organize new classes, training courses, conduct new treatment plans.

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