Month of Medical Cosmetology!!!

3 RF Skin Tightening are now $ 650 (instead of $ 750) and after each procedure Oxygen Inhalations for Free!

50% off on any 1st facial / back treatment when purchasing 3 treatments:

  • Hydrafacial
  • Deep Cleaning Facial
  • Eye Contour Treatment
  • Back Cleaning Treatment
  • Chemical Peels

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Vinyasa Yoga on Zoom

Hooray! We are launching Vinyasa Yoga class on Zoom for all women who wants to develop a strong mind, body muscles, flexibility and strengthen the heart . Meditation and relaxation are also included.

The first Class will take place on August 21 at 14:30.
Cost: $5 per class.
Payment send to NewMс (Any question, answer: Family). Due date for the registration is Wednesday, 19 August.

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Prenatal Yoga on Zoom

We are pleased to announce that Anna Todorov, our wonderful and incredible yoga instructor, will be giving an 1-hour Prenatal Yoga class on ZOOM. The cost of the class is $ 5.

The lesson will take place on August 14 at 15:45.
Please contact us by if you have any questions. Payment through E-transfer:

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Covid-19 and Volunteering in our clinic

The NewM Perinatal and Family Care Clinic, Dr. Alena Kuzmina and her team did a great job during the Covid-19 pandemic period in sorting, packing and sending reusable masks and medical hats to Southlake hospital departments, as well as it was distributed among the patients of the clinic, mostly pregnant women and immunocompromised people. A lots of masks and hats were sent to healthcare workers as well.

We also want to say special thank you very much to Olga Fox and her group Sew Masks Together for hats and masks, Liudmila Sidorova for donating two boxes of N95 masks, Tatiana Kondratyeva and her mother Lydia Aleksandrovna for cutting a whole box of filters for masks, Iryna Rybnikova for packaging and distributing a lot of things, and to many others who was helping us in this hard time.

A large number of knitted infant hats were also donated to the maternity ward of Southlake Hospital. Thanks to Glenda Poirier Lauzon and her mom for a great job!!

Meditation with osteopathy adjustments

We are starting meditation classes in our clinic.

Anyone can participate, including pregnant women and the elderly. Vadim Gorlik will conduct the group Meditation and then apply osteopathic manipulations on each of the group members. Send us email if you want to register.

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Teaching course of Baby Massage (1-18 months) by Inna Aslanian

Benefits: you will learn how to do baby massage CORRECTLY! (do not harm) and how to massage your baby every day on your own (!). During the course you will receive answers to all your questions.

Results: the child is more calm, less fussy, feels his parents through touch. Massage will help to decrease hypo / hyper muscle tone (!), eliminate neurological symptoms. It helps with such defects as: legs deformities (valgus / varus), clubfoot, torticollis, flat head. It also normalises sleep, and babies appetite. You will also learn how to deal with colics, constipation, and much more!

Course consists of 5 classes.

Our Email:

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Healthy Birth

We had a lots of requests and now we are running our Happy Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth course for the second time. You can sign up for a course by email:! Waiting for your response!

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